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Dried fruits: world market news

With a few exceptions, we see most markets firming at the moment in spite of rather slow activities in most markets; at least in Europe. This may be caused by more activities in other parts of the world, like buying in anticipation of the Ramadan period and more demand from the Asian continent.

Also a remarkable movement of the dollar, which is getting weaker against the euro, but also against many domestic currencies of the producing countries. At time of writing we noticed a level of almost 1,25 for the euro/dollar, against 1,20 a few weeks ago.


The prices for Turkish apricots rose sharply in the last weeks. Farmers and handlers have sold well and are in a comfortable financial position and have no need to sell. Moreover the remainder of the crop is mainly small sized and a substantial percentage must be regarded as ‘industrial’ quality. Next to this there are signs of an early bloom, so the risk of frost in the most vulnerable stage of the crop is higher than usual. Especially prices for nr. 5 and bigger are firmer for obvious reasons.