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Russian Import Report 2017


The problems with the harvest in Latin America for two consecutive years have made adjustments to the peaceful course of the Russian peanut market - the leaders have changed. In the first half of 2016, the main suppliers of peanuts to Russia were Argentina (25.560 tons) and Brazil (16.539 tons), leaving behind the competition - India (1.913 tons) and China (1.093 tons). In 2017, the situation is reversed, with India with an incredible growth of 28,251 tons, followed by Argentina with 40%  less of the market – 16.341 tons, and Brazil with 20% less – 13.508 tons. China occupies the fourth line, but with obvious success - shipments to Russia in the first half of 2017 increased from 5 to 5.921 tons.

In general, the total peanuts import to Russia increased 34%: 67.570 tons in the first half of this year against 48.571 tons the previous year. As a result, the majority of traders have overstock in their warehouses, and exporters start to stop the shipments. According to market players, the situation will take several months to normalize. In addition to large imports, consumption of snacks in Russia has decreased markedly, the reason is simple - a cold summer. [visualizer id="348"] More on peanuts