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Walnuts (USA): production, export, consumption

Shipments for the month ended November 2017 were down approximately 9.9% versus November 2016 shipments and for the 3 months ended November 2017 were down approximately 21.3% from the same 3 month period the year prior. The next table show the comparison on an in shell comparable basis using an identical shell out rate of 44.1% for both years:

Table 1. Walnuts (USA): production, exports, consumption

NOV. 2017  NOV. 2016  CHG
Crop Receipts  614.565 675.797 -9.1%
Total supply 670.541 740.967 -9.5%
Monthly Shipments 99.091 109.939 -9.9%
Export Shipments 74.785 85.099 -12.1%
Domestic Shipments 24.306 24.840 -2.1%
YTD Shipments 229.891 292.102 -21.3%
YTD Export Shipments 164.603 220.630 -25.4%
YTD  Domestic Shipments 65.288 71.473 -8.7%
Inventory 440.650 448.865 -1.8%


Receipts through November 2017 were 614,565 inshell equivalent ton compared to 675,797 the prior year, or down 9.1%. Last year’s final production was 686,000 ton indicating another 10,203 ton received in after November 2016. However, due to this year’s lateness, the crop may “catch up” a bit and many believe there is still an additional 10,000 to 20,000 ton still to come in. The 2017 California walnut production was forecast at 650,000 ton so it appears that making this estimate is highly unlikely and the final crop receipts will still be close to the 9.1% that they are behind YTD.

Year to date supply for 2016 had carry in of 65,170 ton plus November 2016 YTD receipts of 675,797 ton equated to a total supply of 740,967 ton. For the same period in 2017, carry in of 55,976 ton plus November 2017 YTD receipts of 614,565 ton had total supply at 670,541 ton, down 9.5%.

Shipments as a percentage of supply are 34.3% for 2017-2018 versus 39.4% for 2016-2017 or a roughly 5% decline. –  YTD Export shipments of 164,603 ton are down 25.4% and YTD Domestic shipments of 65,288 are down 8.7%.  Total YTD shipments are down by a significant 21.3%.

Color Quality is excellent in spite of sweltering summer heat and a record number of over 100 degree days.   There is a tremendous amount of good quality light material but conversely a real shortage of combo color; a double edge sword.  The decline in the availability of combo color and a higher percentage of light color continues to put a tightening on the spread between these two items with good momentum upward on combo prices and a flattening of prices of light material.  Additionally, both light and combo pieces of all sizes are hard to come by and not expected to get any better as the year moves on.